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How Likely Am I to See a Benefit from These Types of Procedures?


The ultimate outcome from an operation to decompress one or more nerves is dependent on numerous factors such as the nerves in question, the patient's age and co-morbidities, the duration and severity of symptoms as well as other factors. With respect to diabetic neuropathy (the most common form in the United States as well as worldwide) the published results suggest that in appropriately selected patients, success rates in terms of good relief of pain and restoration of sensation can be above 70%. Depending on your specific history, the particular type of procedure you have had performed and which nerve or nerves have been addressed in your particular case, recovery times can also vary. Generally speaking, a procedure is not considered unsuccessful until at least a year has gone by as nerves can often take many months to recover and patients can often see steady improvement for many months following their operations. A much more specific and accurate answer to this question can be provided once we know the particulars of your situation which is why it is so important to have a formal consultation and examination with Dr. Peled.


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