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How Are These Types of Operations Performed?


Almost universally, surgery to decompress injured nerves in neuropathy patients can be performed on an outpatient basis. On rare occasions, a 23-hour overnight stay at a hospital may be necessary. During the procedure, Dr. Peled carefully exposes the injured nerves and removes any excessive scar tissue and connective tissue which may be compressing them. It is important to remember that the nerves themselves are not cut so as to minimize the chance of neuroma formation following surgery and to preserve as much function and sensation as possible. If the injured nerves in your particular case happen to be in your upper or lower extremities, only one extremity can be operated upon at one time because you will then favor that extremity and use the other side more. We want to make sure that the first side is fully healed before we operate on the other side because the reverse will be true following that second procedure. There is usually very little in the way of post-operative, confining dressings and/or restrictions and patients are able to eat and drink whatever they like immediately following their procedure. Pain medicine is prescribed for post-operative discomfort which is usually very well tolerated.

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