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How Do I Know If a Pinched or Injured Nerve Is Involved in My Case?


During your consultation with Dr. Peled, he will take a thorough history focusing specifically on your neuropathy symptoms. We will discuss all the prior treatments which you have tried in the past, which ones were successful and which ones were unsuccessful and go over any imaging studies or diagnostic tests that you may have had. Dr. Peled will then perform a comprehensive physical examination to elucidate if there are any physical findings that suggest that a pinched nerve could be causing your pain. Sometimes, a nerve block will be used to confirm whether or a suspected nerve is actually the culprit in your particular case. Other times a different type of test will be recommended. If the information gathered from these various sources suggests that there is a peripheral nerve which is compressed (i.e. "pinched") and is contributing to your neuropathy symptoms, you may become a candidate for surgery to decompress (i.e. “un-pinch”) the injured nerve.


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