Chronic Headaches


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How Do I Know If A Pinched Nerve Is The Cause of My Headaches?

During your consultation with Dr. Peled, he will take a thorough history focusing specifically on your headache symptoms. We will discuss all the prior treatments which you have tried in the past and go over any old imaging studies. Dr. Peled will then perform a comprehensive physical examination to elucidate if there are any physical findings that suggest that a pinched nerve in the head or neck could be causing your headache. Further imaging studies (i.e. MRIs or CT scans) may be required and if so, they will be ordered accordingly. A series of simple injections with Botox will then be performed in the office. Depending on the results with these various steps, a decision will be made as to whether your headaches could be caused by a pinched nerve and hence your suitability for surgical decompression.




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